Thursday, September 23, 2010

Samurai Edge Beretta M92F

I created two of these handguns, simultaneously, as it's easier, both for friends and their Resident Evil cosplays.

Here's a "real" Samurai Edge:

Yet again, I didn't document from the beginning, though I have some progress photos this time around.  I started by tracing the profile of my M92F airsoft gun onto cardboard several times.  Once I had seven of these traced, I cut the proper details into some of them, such as for the slide and sights and glued them together.  This was the result:

As you can see, the corrugations are still present, and that's the next thing to take care of, so, not having enough hot glue to do the job, I had to use Sobo glue(essentially a tacky white glue made for heavier crafts) just because I had it sitting around from school.  After which, I scraped it smooth with some scrap cardboard for a smooth finish:

This step's self-explanatory(and very, very boring):

After this, I hit both up with several coats of black acrylic paint:

And finally, my favorite part, detailing:

And done!

These were used by my friends Whitney and Nick for their Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield costumes:

I'd make one for myself, but I got my hands on a $6 plastic M92F from Wal-Mart, complete with suppressor, LED flashlight, and tactical sight, as well as with firing sounds, suppressed firing sounds, and cocking sounds.  It also blows back when the trigger is pulled.  All I had to do was re-paint it.  It's freaking awesome, so no, I won't be making one for my Wesker costume.  :P


Unknown said...

pls watch my own cardboard gun on this link
pls. don't forget to leave comments. tahnks

Cardboard Armory said...

Looks pretty awesome, Junior.

Nice craftsmanship. I'd love to see that thing painted!

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