Thursday, September 23, 2010

Colt M1911A1

Unfortunately when building my first cardboard gun ever, I didn't take any progress photos, so all I have is the finished product.

This handgun was created to go with my Naked Snake cosplay.

Here's a real M1911A1:

After hours of getting a 1:1 scale version in Photoshop, drawing out a profile on cardboard based on key points on the scale version, using that template to create several duplicates, gluing them together, carving out necessary details, filling any uneven areas with wood puddy, sanding the whole thing as smooth as I could get it, and painting it, this is what you get:

And with the costume:

both images © Alan Hufana

All in all, I'm really pleased with it, despite the fact that it was my first gun.  I still use it, both with this costume and my Albert Wesker costume(image © The Enthusiasts)(yes, I'm aware he's supposed to use a modified Beretta M9, but we'll get to that one later).  In spite of this, I'll be redoing this gun, as Snake's M1911A1 is almost completely custom from what Eva brings him in Rassvet.

More recently, I was commissioned to build an M1911 for a friend.

I wanted to keep this for myself.  Sad face all up in here.


Unknown said...

yas can i have it

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