Friday, September 24, 2010

Colt Anaconda

I really have a thing for building Colt firearms, don't I?  Well, why wouldn't I?  They're good ol' American weapons.

I digress.  This time around, I'm building Barry Burton's revolver:

You know the drill.  Find a profile, get the dimensions, size it to 1:1 in Photoshop, trace it onto cardboard, and cut it out:

After that, I traced four or so duplicates, cut them out, and glued 'em together.  For the chamber, I took a chunk of paper towel tube and filled it so it was solid:

To seal the gaps, this time around, I papier-mâchéd all the corrugations.  This expedited the whole procedure, not to mention it saved me on hot glue:

After this, all there was to do was paint on some cheap, silver acrylic for the metal and brown for the grip, and then brush in the details:

I'm not too pleased with how I left the ribs on the cardboard for the barrel there, but life goes on, and the rest of the gun is pretty decent.  I may wind up re-making this one, though I'm not sure.  This gun was built for my friend Dale.  Here he is in his Barry Burton costume, along with the rest of us in our Resident Evil get-ups:

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